all my pets are dead

Molly and Bwat,
before my time

Sox the Kitten

the camera’s flash was never kind to Sox

Lucky the Kitten

Duff the Guinea Pig

Brownie the Bunny

this was a rare event; notice the evil gleam in Brownie’s eye and the distrust on Sox’s face

Sox the Little Sister I Never Had

looking back, this actually is a little embarrassing for everyone involved

The Unnamed Iguanas

Scout the Beagle

it’s like she’s already planning her escape

Zoey the Replacement

so pudgy

Sox the Cat

Sox with one of the
first toys we gave him
Zoey getting in on the festivities for Sox’s birthday

Zoey the Fat Dog

okay this picture might be proof that she absolutely hated me, but I clearly didn’t care

Sox My Best Friend

Dad singing
Happy Birthday &
Sox having no part in it

Zoey Our Little Sister

doing what she loved best

was born & raised in Lafayette, LA where she learned important skills like cajun dancing, crawfish peeling, & reading. She now lives & writes in Baltimore, MD.

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